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About Shipping

We currently offer shipping on select CUTS® 8-Pack products only.  For these products we offer FedEx 1-3 day Ground & Express Air shipping.  Every shipment has a small handling fee (see USA Map here), which covers the expense of the special insulated container and coolant to maintain the freshness of our perishable product.

We can ship CUTS® 8-Packs to virtually any physical address in the United States, with the exception of APO or PO Boxes.  Please allow at least 24 hours for us to make and ship your CUTS.  Transit times will be 1-3 days depending upon location. Due to temperature sensitivity with our products, we do not require signatures upon delivery. Please make sure you/your recipient are in-town the day of delivery.


Once we ship your product you wil recieve a confirmation/tracking notice from FedEx (providing you have provided us a valid email address).  This will allow you to track your shipment and delivery.

When We Ship

We ship Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please choose one of these days when ordering online. You may order ahead of time to ensure delivery in advance of your desired arrival date. 

Unpacking Instructions

  • Open outer box
  • Remove styrofoam lid
  • Remove visible gel packs (can be reused)
  • Gently remove the CUTS® pack by lifting from the bottom (not the sides) leaving the CUTS® level
  • Remove any remaining gel packs
  • Refrigerate or freeze CUTS® immediately upon arrival, unless you wish to consume them right away.
  • Follow the handling/thawing instructions provided in box.


CUTS® are shipped frozen, but may be chilled or re-frozen upon arrival. If chilled, you may consume upon arrival, refrigerate (up to one weekn on non-fruit flavors), or refreeze (for up to 3 months). Leaving the shrink wrap seal around the package will elminate refriderator/freezer odors and moisture from entering the boxes. If frozen upon arrival, you may leave on the counter for approximately 2-3 hours to thaw, refrigerate, or re-freeze. 

Refund Policy

Refunds are not given for:

  • Incorrect/invalid address
  • Acts of God
  • Problems not related to or caused by Lisa's Rum Cake
  • Not following handling and thawing instructions
  • A shipment sent to someone who is out-of-town
  • The arrival time of delivery. FedEx has until 10pm to deliver.
We guarantee orders will leave our facility on the date specified on the order. Once the shipment leaves our factory, we have no control over FedEx transit or delivery.
As always, we strive to make all of our customers happy. If you experience any issues or have any questions/concerns, then please call us during business hours 480-304-5077 or email us at cakes@lisasrumcake.com.

Please provide a valid/correct shipping address at the time of purchase.


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