Q. What makes a Lisa's Rum Cake so unique?

A. Each Lisa's Rum Cake is a moist, Italian custard-filled cake, elegantly covered in an Italian whipped cream frosting.  Additionally, we are an "on-demand" bakery. No matter how far in advance you order, your cake will not be made until the day you need it.


Q. Do you offer fondant or buttercream frosting?
A. No, we stick to what we do best! All cakes have our signature Italian whipped cream frosting (for 45 years & counting).


Q. Do your cakes contain real alcohol?
A. No. We only use premium non-alcoholic extracts, which are "everybody friendly."


Q. Does every cake have rum flavoring?
A. No. Only the cake flavors with the word "rum" in the title have the rum flavoring.


Q. Do you make gluten-free or sugar-free cakes?
A. Unfortunately, no. We do not get enough requests.


Q. Does your product contain nuts?
A. We do process flavors with nuts in our factory. Please let us know if you have a nut allergy at the time of ordering and we will try our hardest to be extra careful when fulfilling your order. We urge people with nut allergies to be extremely cautious.


Q. Do you make cupcakes?
A. NO, but if you are looking for an individual dessert then checkout our single serve CUTS®. Each CUT weighs about 6-8 ounces. They are available for in-store purchase and online. Flavors vary daily, upon availability. Want a cupcake size? We offer Tea CUTS® for custom orders (half size servings). Tea CUTS are popular for weddings and large events. We also offer Third CUTS.



Q. How many locations do you have?

A. Currently, our only location is in Gilbert, Arizona. However, you can find rotating CUTS Pitta Souvli in Chandler.


Q. Do you delivery?

A. While we do not offer deliveries in house, we are happy to refer our clients to Dressler Courier, who has been handling our cakes with care since 2019. Please call and set up delivery and payment with them before placing your cake order. Since we are separate companies, we are unable to give quotes or set up delivery.


Q. Are you family owned and operated?

A. Yes. LRC is operated by Lisa, her husband (Kelly), and their three daughters (Lauren, Megan, and Madison).


Q. Are you affiliated with Cathy’s Rum Cake?

A. No, however Lisa is Cathy’s daughter and ran her mother’s bakery for 35 years before opening her own shop in 2009, with her mother's blessing. Per our contracts with Cathy, we own the Cathy's Rum Cake® registered trademark, the rights to use the logo, and many other things.


Q. Did you take over Cathy’s Rum Cake?

A. No. In 2001, Lisa and her husband Kelly purchased a license agreement from Cathy, in order expand the brand nationally.

The LRC family has nothing to hide. You are welcome review our license agreements under our legal page.



Q. I’m a new customer. How do I place my order online?

A. Ordering online is easy. Shop by flavor when ordering a whole cake. Select the flavor then choose what size along with other options. Proceed to checkout and create an account. NOTE: all items are for local pick-up only at our store, as we are not currently shipping. Disregard the "Shipping Address" section and click "Bill and ship to this address" to get you to the shipping method, where you will select local pick-up.


Q. I’m stuck on the shipping part.  What do I do?

A. To bypass the shipping for local pick-up, you can click the button “Bill & Ship to this Address.” This will take you to the shipping method, where you can only choose “In-store pick-up.


 Q. Can I edit my order once I’ve placed it?

A. You cannot edit your order online once it has been placed, but we can. Please send us an email or give us a call more than 72 hours before your scheduled pick-up for any revisions.


Q. What do the “serve date” and “serve time” options mean?

A. The date and time you are going to devour your cake!  Please note, the "serve time" is NOT the pick-up time.


Q. How do I know if my order went through?

A. Once you submit your order, you will see a confirmation response with an Order # on your window.  In addition, you will receive an order confirmation email with an order #, but only if you checked out using a new or existing account.  If you do not receive a confirmation email you may have an error in your email address.  You can fix this error by signing-in to you account and correcting it, or you may call us to do it for you.  Copies of your Order Invoices are available anytime by signing into your account.  If you don't see one, call us.


Q. How many days in advance must I place my order online?

A. We are proud to be Arizona's only on-demand bakery! Due to our advanced technology, we can accommodate most last minute orders.  If you need a cake in less than 48 hours, then please call us before placing your order online, as there will be a small rush fee.



Q. Why should I create an account?

A. We encourage our customers to create an account for a couple of reasons.  1) It allows express check-out on future purchases, by storing your email and billing addresses.  2) It allows you to review your order history.  3) You will receive emails regarding your order confirmation and receipt of purchase.


Q. Do you store credit card information?

A. No. For your safety and ours, we DO NOT store credit card information in our system. You will need to enter your credit card information each time you place an order.


Q. I can’t remember my password. How can I reset it?

A. Click "forgot password" during log-in and a reset will be emailed to your inbox. Or give us a call and we will reset your password.


Q. Can I place an order without creating an account?

A. Yes, just choose the option "Check out as a guest."

Please note: without an account, you will not receive an email with your order confirmation or receipt. Additionally, you will have to re-enter your billing address on future purchases.


Q. Do you offer nationwide shipping?

A. Not currently. Our cakes are perishable and require special insulated packaging, so we cannot offer free shipping like large retailers. We are working to lower the costs. Check back!