Banana Chocolate

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Moist Chocolate cake layers separated by our decadent Chocolate custard and fresh banana slices.


NOTICE: Banana slices WILL darken or turn brown as they naturally ripen. At Lisa's Rum Cake, we use only fresh bananas, never preserved or artificial.  No REFUNDS or ADJUSTMENTS are given on banana cakes.

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3 Reviews

ODETH PAAS 6th Mar 2018

we love it so much super yummy

We enjoyed every bites... love it....

christine 28th Oct 2013


Everyone kept telling me that I had to try Lisa's Rum Cake, so I did. Oh my, they were not was amazing. I was not sure which of the many yummy recipes to pick, but if the banana chocolate cake is any indication of any of the other flavors, you cannot go wrong. Absolutley YUMMY!

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