Strawberry Banana Rum


TOP 3 best seller since 1975! Moist layers of Yellow cake separated by our signature (non-alcoholic) Rum custard and fresh strawberry and banana slices, frosted with Lisa's signature Italian whipped cream.


NOTICE: Banana slices WILL darken or turn brown as they naturally ripen. At Lisa's Rum Cake, we use only fresh bananas, never preserved or artificial.  No REFUNDS or ADJUSTMENTS are given on banana cakes.

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50 Reviews

Timi Le 14th Nov 2020

Always amazing

We have been having this flavor and this cake for almost 40 years. It never disappoints. By far my favorite cake anywhere. Lots of flavors available but the strawberry banana rum is my absolute favorite. You will never be disappointed of this cake

Lauri 5th Jul 2020

Simply the best!!

This is absolutely at the top of my favorite from Lisa’s. The cake is so deliciously moist, the flavors perfectly blend. Everyone LOVES it when I come home with cake from Lisa’s and so do I. I grew up with my mom getting my cakes from an Italian bakery back in Ohio and I was thrilled to find Lisa’s. I highly recommend Lisa’s.

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