Strawberry Rum


Our best selling and famous cake since 1975! This flavor is what we are known for. Layers of moist Yellow cake separated by (non-alcoholic) Rum custard layered with fresh strawberry slices, frosted with Lisa's signature Italian whipped cream.

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161 Reviews


The trick to eating this cake-- giving it time.

We got this cake as an office for someone who requested it, and loves it... I found it to be good, although the strawberries and filling inside were a little too chilled at the time we ate it (a few hours after picking it up). I would say it was tasty, but not impressive. I had a piece that I saved in the fridge and ended up eating it the next day-- wow-- a totally different cake! It had time to become all one temperature and allowed the filling to soak into the cake a bit and it tasted sooo much better. I recommend picking up your cake the day before you need it. :) Looking around the website I personally would have liked to have tried the Sicilian Orange cake, so perhaps that one is next... The co-worker who picked it up said the bakery smelled divine, the staff were wonderful, and the cake really was beautifully decorated to my specifications when I took it out of the box.

Janice Ortez 3rd Aug 2020

Strawberry Rum Cake

Very moist and yummy. We discovered Lisa’s Rum Cake last year and have ordered or purchased slices ever since. I highly recommend Lisa’s Rum Cake for your next party or event.

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