Curbside Pick-Up and To-Go

Hello Rumcakers!

Given the current social and business climate from COVID-19, we will be offering car hop for pre-orders and to-go orders, until further notice. The reason being, we want to lighten the amount of people in the store. We also want to accommodate those who do not wish to come into our little shop.

For prepaid orders:

  1. Call when you arrive in front of our door: 480-304-5077
  2. Give us the name on the order.
  3. Open your trunk or front door to place your items on a flat surface.

For new to-go orders (CUTS®, last minute cakes):

  1. Call in your order before or upon arrival: 480-304-5077.
  2. For cakes we'll tell you what we can make, or for CUTS click here.
  3. Give us payment over the phone.
  4. Let us know if you are here or on your way.

Thank you for supporting our small family owned and operated business during this difficult time. Our storefront will remain open, as well as our website for orders. We just ask that if you have a more than one person with you, that you allow us to bring dessert to your car. It is our hope that we can make a positive impact in the community, by serving you our delicious cake with a smile. We hope to make this process as seamless and easy as possible. 

We look forward to serving you!


Lisa & family