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Rush Fees Effective Since November 1, 2018:

As you know, we are Arizona's ONLY on-demand bakery. That means we make EVERYTHING FRESH-to-order. Whether you order the same day or pre-order six months in advance, we won't actually make your cake until within hours of the pick-up day you select. 

Great news is that we are equipped to handle an influx of last minute orders (with less than 48 hours notice). However, we are unable to use our forecasting techniques for these short notice orders. Running around to the grocery store and cake supply shops same day is challenging given our increase in volume, not to mention more expensive. We DO NOT mass produce or keep an inventory of cakes because everything is made fresh. As a small business, forecasting allows us to buy our premium materials in larger quantities. That being said, we do not want to raise the cost of all our products in order to cover the extra expenses of fulfilling last minutes orders, which also includes overtimes for our employees.

Thus, we have decided to apply a small rush fee to orders placed less than 48 business hours in advance. Please see the rush fees listed below.

We hope you understand these fees allow us to continue to make your cakes as fresh as can be, while covering overtime and higher material costs! Our goal is to encourage more pre-ordering, so we can forecast more effectively. Please give us a few days notice or pre-order as soon as you plan your party. Thank you for your understanding and supporting our family owned-operated bakery!

6" Round
6" Square, 8" Round and 10" Round
10" Square and 12" Round
12" Square, 14" Round, and Medium Sheet
14" Square, 16" Round, and Half Sheet
Tiered Cakes
Specialty Cakes20%