You asked, we listened: NEW SHIPPING UPDATES!

Did you know it has been one year since we began shipping our ever popular cake CUTS®? For our first year we offered free nationwide shipping to all 50 states with a 100% success rate. After shipping to over half of the country this past year, we have discovered new ways to improve overall customer satisfaction.

Based on customer feedback, we have decided to no longer include the price of the shipping in the 8-pack CUTS products for a couple of reasons:

1) many people have been asking for expedited shipping (which was previously unavailable at the time of ordering) and

2) they didn't understand the price structure (shipping included in the cost of product).

Here's what we have changed thus far:

  • Shipping rate is not included in the cost of the product
  • You can now choose from different FedEx shipping options/speeds at our negotiated rates
  • Each shipment has a small handling fee, which covers the cost of our special thermal shipping materials (varies by location)

We hope you find these changes to be for the better! We know a lot of bakeries in the US offer shipping on their baked goods, and many of their shipping prices are twice the cost of the product. Why pay $20 for a dinky cupcake when you can have a hefty slice of decadent cake for half the cost or less?

This is why we are passionate about shipping CUTS nationwide–to "Frost the World" at a sweet deal!

As a commitment to making sure we are providing the most affordable shipping solutions, we have chosen make the aforementioned changes, which have driven down the price of shipping (in most cases). 

Thank you to those who have experienced "the single craving that'll have you raving!" We are so proud of the growth and interest in our cake CUTS®!