Chocolate Candy Cane

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'Tis the season! Moist Chocolate cake layers separated by our refreshing Chocolate Peppermint custard sprinkled with peppermint bark bits.

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6 Reviews

24th Oct 2013

Great not overly sweet cake

This was the perfect blend of mint (not too overpowering) and chocolate in a moist cake. The frosting is perfect for those who don't like too sweet. :)

Cindy 3rd Jan 2013

Amazing Chocolate Candy Cane Cake!!

We had the unique opportunity to taste this particular cake at the open house back in October. We couldn't wait until Christmas to pick up our pre-ordered delight :-) It was hands down the best cake we'd ever had! Very delicate, with a hint of mint mixed with the chocolate flavors from the cake and the icing, this was a huge hit with the entire family. Luckily we had a few extra pieces that we individually wrapped and tucked away in the freezer to enjoy later. I've always been a Strawberry/Banana rum cake type, but now have a new favorite! I hope this flavor is available throughout the year! Thanks Lisa and family!

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