Italian Rainbow Cake

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Inspired by the ever-so-delicious Italian Rainbow cookies, this specialty cake is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the mouth! Colorful layers (reminiscent of the Italian flag) of moist Yellow cake filled with Amaretto custard + Cannoli cream on one layer, and Chocolate Amaretto + Cannoli cream on the other. As if the inside isn't decadent enough, the cake is decorated in Lisa's signature Italian whipped cream enrobed in dark chocolate ganache, garnish with cherries and sprinkles on top. Decorations are as is. If you choose to personalize the cake with a message, the writing will be in red frosting.


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2 Reviews

Faye Glazebrook 19th Feb 2020

Italian Cake

This cake is delicious we are hooked on everything from Lisas rum cake.

DD 2nd Aug 2019

Best Cake EVER!

From the presentation to the taste. Worth every penny

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