Lisa's Cannoli Box

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Lisa's Sicilian-style Cannoli are a unique Italian pastry experience! Using Nana's recipe, we bake fresh Pizzelle cookie shells from scratch, then fill them with whipped, sweetened Ricotta Cannoli cream (some flavors studded with mini chocolate chips). To make them one-of-a-kind, we pipe our signature Italian custard fillings inside, too! All Cannoli are dusted in confectioners' sugar. If you prefer traditional Cannoli without the custard filling, we offer those, as well! Select your own variety box of up to five different flavors: 

  • Amaretto: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + non-alcoholic Amaretto custard + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream + mini chocolate chips.
  • Chocolate Amaretto: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + decadent non-alcoholic Chocolate Amaretto custard + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream + mini chocolate chips & chocolate sprinkles.
  • Limoncello: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + zesty Lemon custard + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream + mini chocolate chips & yellow sprinkles.
  • NEW Piña Colada: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + pineapple-rum custard + shredded coconut + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream.
  • NEW Bourbon Caramel Pecan: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + bourbon whiskey custard + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream + pecan pralines + caramel drizzles.
  • NEW Root Beer: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + Root Beer custard + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream + mini chocolate chips + patriotic sprinkles.
  • Traditional: anise Pizzelle cookie shell + creamy Ricotta Cannoli cream + mini chocolate chips + chopped pistachios.
  • **Loaded Toppings:** Lisa's signature Italian whipped cream + dark chocolate ganache drizzle + a maraschino cherry.


Please note: the cookie shells will get soft over time, but will not get soggy like the typical fried shells.


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5 Reviews

Judy Lawrence 31st Dec 2018

What a treat!

I got the cannolli for an end of the year celebration for an Italian class. Rave reviews from everybody. Had a variety of flavors so something everyone. These are wonderful people to work with. Highly recommend.

Glenn 30th Dec 2018

Box Cannoli Dessert Special

The Cannoli 5 pack is the perfect dessert treat. The variety of flavors will appeal to all. The cannoli are large enough to be cut in half but there will be none left. We were serving them the next day so we didn't have them loaded this time - that will be our next treat.

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