Strawberry Banana Rum


TOP 3 best seller since 1975! Moist layers of Yellow cake separated by our signature (non-alcoholic) Rum custard and fresh strawberry and banana slices, frosted with Lisa's signature Italian whipped cream.


NOTICE: Banana slices WILL darken or turn brown as they naturally ripen. At Lisa's Rum Cake, we use only fresh bananas, never preserved or artificial.  No REFUNDS or ADJUSTMENTS are given on banana cakes.

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49 Reviews

5/5 4th Oct 2016

Best. Cake. Ever.

Every single person at my daughter's birthday party raved about the cake. It was incredible. The quality is consistent, too; delicious every single time. We had this cake for our engagement party, wedding, and now our child's birthday. The family that runs this business is amazing, too. I completely spaced on picking up the cake and they called, texted and stayed an extra half hour so that we could have our cake. There are hardly any businesses that run this way these days. I can't say enough positive things about them or their product.

13th Sep 2016

Thank you for the best cake and superior customer service!

My daughter had the best birthday party!!! Thank you Lisa!!! ❤

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